King Of The Jungle.......It's A Boy

It's a boy...It's a boy.....
Only a friend will wait until the last minute to ask you to do a baby shower...and by last minute, I mean TWO WEEKS....right in the middle of me working on the family reunion project!  Of course, she didn't want just a simple shower--she wanted a theme, custom invites, unique favors, and party games too...... IN TWO WEEKS--in the middle of my other project!  Oh, and did I mention that she said she was on a tight budget!!!!  Ok,ok,  I can't pretend that I was mad, because I wasn't.  I get geeked under pressure..LOL. Don't ask... Creating events on a budget only pushes my creativity that much further..  Anyhooo, my friend hosted a baby shower for her niece, which took place at a Curves location.  Although it was last minute, I made sure it came out nice.  You can click on all the photos below for close-ups...

The diaper invite.....since this was so last minute, I made her sit with me and help cut out all three layers, because of course, these invites had to be in the mail in two days...sigh... 
It took some time to do the hole-punching, and ribbon tying after I got the invites assembled, but once that was done, I added a few button embellishments to finish them off....then away to the mailbox they went!

Ok, so, baby shower on a budget---easy to do when you have a theme.  I decided on King Of The Jungle, and used blue, orange, green, and brown as the color scheme.  No time for detailed centerpieces, so gift bags, stuffed with coordinating tissue paper, along with coordinating balloons coming out of the top-did the trick just fine.  I added baby confetti and gift shreds around the table to embellish.  I set the tables with the napkins folded like diapers and held together by baby stickers.   

The Gift and Favor Table 

The Cake Table 

The tablescapes, with detailed views

 The Favors
The favors were a lot of fun to do. In keeping with the theme, and of course, making them cute and unique... I had my friend purchase a box of newborn diapers and then  fill them with chocolates.  I cut out netting that was purchased from the fabric store, laid some baby confetti inside the netting, put the diaper in the netting, wrapped the top, and tied them with coordinating ribbon.

Auntie and mommy-to-be were very happy with the results! 

Little details are always the perfect touch to bring it all together, no matter how big or small the budget or event. While having extra money to throw a party or special event is always desired, its not a must-have to have something turn out just as nice!

 I'm exhausted because I had two projects and one still in progress- going on at the same time, and they were both on the SAME WEEKEND... My brain is currently in "creative overload"!  Hope you enjoyed my latest projects.... Until my next post......I'm signing off!


TIFFANIE said...

OMG! this was so so what i was looking for. i have a few people throwing my shower but i cant but put my two cents in and so i decided to deisgn what i want and let them actually do the work. i have been looking at he colors brown and green becuase i didnt want the regular blue for a boy like every one else. i want to be unique. i have been searching king of the jungle for a while and this is so simple and perfect to the T. thanks for sharing this with us. YOU DESERVE A VERY SPECIAL GIFT FOR PUTTING THIS SHOWER TOGETHER. THANKS FOR SHARING.

November 29, 2011 at 12:11 PM
The Creative Chameleon said...

Thanks Tiffanie! Glad I could be of some inspiration to you. It's been a year since I posted any work, as I slowed down quite a bit due to other obligations. But, it's funny that I received this post today because I have been contemplating starting up my business again. I think this was a sign that I am on the right track to getting back to doing what I love the most. Thanks again!

November 29, 2011 at 6:42 PM

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