Happy New Year!, and more pics.....

I'm sure everyone is busy getting ready for a New Year's Eve party. Just a reminder to please be safe so that you and everyone around you can have a great 2010! So, as promised, here are two more of my projects-one for my sister and one for my darling niece! My sister is a fabulous stylist and my niece is...well.... a princess:):) My baby sis was super geeked when she opened this box for Christmas. Now, you must understand that she doesn't get excited about much, so when it does happen, it's sorta like a big deal! I do believe that this box is my absolute favorite. It was the most difficult to make because I literally made everything by hand, but it was the most rewarding. I'm still thinking on that one though because it's a toss up between this one and my mom's keepsake.

Except for the round mirror piece, I handmade each styling tool. Burned my finger tips off a few times, but it turned out great. With a little imagination, you can make just about anything. The most grueling was the tiny appointment book.. Yes, I cut out all the little pages to fit inside... Since my sister is such a fabulous stylist, I thought that red hot feathers shooting out of the end of the dryer was the perfect touch!

I have a pretty good camera, but I guess I'm going to have to upgrade so that you will be able to see the extensive details, but if you click on each photo, you can see it pretty good. The last pic is the inside of the cover. I used a photo of me and her on the inside..you know, the sentimental touch...

And for my little Princess.... She is truely America's Next Top Model when she's not wearing the princess tiara. Her favorite color is pink and since she is ooohhh sooo into fashion, it was quite easy to make a keepsake for her. I made the purse out of fabric scraps and just stuffed it with paper to help keep the shape. I then embellished it with rhinestones, bows, chains, and a pocket on the back side. She loved her box and she uses it! I'm the best Auntie E-V-E-R!!!

I also placed a photo of her on the inside of the box of me and her. She liked that the most.

I hope you enjoyed these creations! As promised, please check back,as I will be posting more of my different prjects!

Happy Holidays.... and more photos..

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Although I've been under the weather lately,I had the best Christmas with my family. I don't think we've all spent that much time together in quite a while. It makes you realize just how much of the hustle and bustle of everyday life that you get caught up in. Family and friends mean alot and it's important to carve out time to spend with them. Maybe that can be a resolution for you to think about! Anyhoo, as promised, I've downloaded more pics for you to view. This is one of my best works and my favorite!


I created this box for my mom. She was always making something, either in the kitchen or on the sewing machine; so when I started on it, I only knew that I had to incorporate everything "creative" in order to represent her properly. I've posted several picks so that you can see the detail on the box.. With the exception of the picture frames, tiny plastic scissors, and the wooden chest/table(which I painted), everything was handmade. It took about a week to complete this, but it was well worth putting in the time to do the drawing, cutting, and painting. It turned out great!
This is the back of the keepsake box.

For sentimental value, I added a photo of me, my sister, and my neice. She was very emotional when she saw that!

This is the inside lid of the box. She immediately put stuff in it, so I couldn't get a picture of the bottom of the inside.
Hope you enjoyed this creation. I'll post more pics in the next few days!

Everybody Loves Cupcakes!

I created a keepsake box for one of my BFF's:):) It was her birthday and I wanted to give her something different. When you've been friends for a long time, you tend to give the same things after a while. I realized that I'd never crafted anything for her, so I found some cupcake printed fabric and it just went from there. I trimmed the top of the box in felt cupcakes-which was very easy to trace and cut out. The coolest part is that the handmade cupcakes on the top of the box, open too! All it took was styrofoam and thin cardboard paper. I hand painted the letters and added some Happy Birthday stick-ons at the last minute just to give that last bit of "girly":) She loved it, but I wonder if she's started storing memories in it yet??? Hmmm....... (note to self-call Irene about that).

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I am a professed shoe wh*re and proud of it!!! Below is a centerpiece that I did for a friend of mine that owns a shoe store. It hurt my heart to give this up simply because I love shoes so much. But, she needed something for her store and it was right up my alley to make for her. The only thing that I isn't handmade, is the little plastic shoes. Everything else is made by hand. I made all of the purses to match the shoes, and since animal print was part of her store color scheme, I thought it would be cute to make the shoe boxes and the center bench in that print. It must have been meant because as soon as I started searching for the perfect print, I ran across the fabric you see, and that was all the inspiration I needed. If you ever need inspiration for any type of project, just go to the fabric store. You'd be amazed at how it will inspire you and bring you out of a creative slump. I've spent many, many, hours in JoAnn's and Hancock Fabrics just to name a few, and have come up with soooo many project ideas.

Check out the ladies on the fabric:)

Who Knew??....

Well, apparently everyone but me! As I continue to work on my "blog-in-progress", I can't help but wish that I had been into blogging years ago. I could have captured a running journal of the different creative projects I've done along the way. I guess it's better late than never, right? I'll be sure to upload my past works, so please feel free to comment and post! Oh yeah, please be just a little patient as I hone my "blogging" skills:) I think I'm coming along ok...just trying to read HTML....sigh.

The Label Lounge- A 30th Birthday Celebration

Some of my party work... my baby sister decided at the last minute to have a 30th Birthday party. She had been contemplating on whether or not to have one, but of course, I got the "I want to have a party and I need you to pull it together", at the last minute. And by last minute, I'm mean two weeks! Two weeks to come up with a theme, favors, invites, menu, and of course entertainment. I think it turned out pretty good. Department stores love my little sis because she is a professed label wh*re, so it was easy for me to come up with the theme. I combined that with the lounge vibe since she was crossing over into "mature" status. I've uploaded a few photos for you to see. I couldn't load them all because that was a big party!

Enter the "grown & sexy" Label Lounge:) It's amazing what a staple gun will do for you! I bought a tiny tension rod, cut a piece of the fabric in half, tucked the rest with the staple gun, and there you have a sexy entrance into the party.

Of course, you can't just walk into The Label Lounge... you must have a VIP pass! Here was another task of cutting and stuffing. After I created the pass, I cut each one out, slipped them into plastic, placed a piece of ribbon inside, and closed the sealable cover. As everyone entered the party, they were handed a VIP pass that they had to wear the entire party. If anyone was caught saying my sister's name, they had to relinquish the pass to the person that caught them. The person with the most VIP passes got a prize.

I don't think I've done party favors quite so labor intensive. I was literally cutting fabric, cutting teeny pieces of paper, cutting trimmings, sewing, and glue-gunning up til the day of the party. They mirrored each designer accessory that was hanging on the wall. Prada, Gucci, Chanel,Fendi, etc... They were stuffed with chocolates, and everyone raved over them. I must say, I was pretty impressed myself. I wanted one of each to keep!

Well, I mean, of course she had to have a designer label cake to fit the theme, right?

I found some great fabric at Jo-Ann's, and had been dying to use it. My sister's place is loft-style with amazing hardwood floors, so the colors of the fabric went perfect. Since this was a lounge theme, I incorporated the fabric in the pillows, the cake/favor table, as well as the buffet table. It looked fabulous!

I found some really, really, nice scrapbooking paper at Michael's as the background of each photo. I then bought clear and gold translucent paper to print the designer accessories on. I searched the internet for the cutest pieces I could find. Then, I sat and matched the color of each accessory to the sheets in the scrapbook pad and secured each with a clear glue dot. Lastly, I told the story of each designer and printed that on the gold translucent paper. Then I hung them aroud the entire "lounge". This was alot of fun to do and my sister was able to keep all of the photos afterwards to place in a scrapbook of her party. My little niece even took a few to hang in her room:)

Here's the start of the "L" shaped buffet table. Still searching for the completed table with the champagne tower and all. Will post as soon as I find!

And here's the birthday girl. I kicked her out of her place for the entire day because I wanted it to be a surprise, so here she is striking a pose right before the "lounge" opens:) I actually had to search for three full days to get the balloon colors I needed to match the fabric I'd chosen for the party.

Blog Creation.....

Ok, so my friends have been after me for way too long now to get all my creativity out there for the world to see. I'm not sure why I've been so slow dragging about it... I think its because I'm somewhat nervous and shy when it comes to "putting myself out there", ....hhmmm, not sure, B-U-T--I've taken the first step and I've never blogged before so this should be interesting.

Everyone says that blogging is really easy, and it's a great way to show your talent, get some great feedback, new resources, and even new clients!  So, I will be busy over the next few weeks and into the New Year with personalizing my blog and displaying my creative works.  I'll do my best to share my talents with you, track my progress, and see just where my creativity takes me. I hope you come along for the ride because I have alot of creativity busting at the seems! Talk to ya soon!